With recent snowfall across large parts of the UK, the one question asked by many parents was, “Is our school open?”

Whilst some schools rely upon “calling trees” or local Council communications in the event of a Snow Day closure, there are far more efficient ways to quickly and effectively spread important news in the event of inclement weather.

Smarter Reach works with many schools providing web-based options to alert parents. From tickers and pop-ups on your website to posts on your social media channels. All Smarter Reach websites are built on a platform that allows remote access editing and even mobile-based apps. Parents can then check your website before departing on the school run. Alternatively, parents can subscribe to an RSS feed and be alerted by email if a “news post” is uploaded or check social media channels, which can be seamlessly integrated with the school’s website to display up-to-the-minute news and alerts.

The only people who may not be happy is school office staff… since they won’t be tied up answering phone calls, they may be drafted in to help clear the paths!

To be better prepared for the next snowfall, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.