Smarter Reach is often approached by schools that require help aligning their marketing or creating a new “brand image”. Whilst staff may have ideas in mind, assistance is required to bring all the relevant elements together in a way that best represents the school or establishment. Our experience and expertise will help make the process efficient, streamlined and fast.

After discussing objectives and gaining an understanding of the school’s needs, aspirations and sought-after image, Smarter Reach can produce a set of examples to bring a marketing idea to life. For many people, both online and traditional marketing potential can feel intangible, so having a strong set of visuals can help provide a more solid concept of the end result.

Take a look at these examples produced for Linden Hill School: The Smarter Reach team created a new logo, a holding page for their yet-to-be-built website, produced their stationery and a set of visuals for the various formats of their website.

New Free Shcool Logo

New School Logo

Free School Stationery

Personalised School Stationery

If you would like us to produce a proposal for your school’s marketing needs then get in touch to arrange an introductory meeting.