One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do at Smarter Reach is creating and coming up with new ideas for projects. From school or Trust branding, school websites, social media pages and the school prospectus to new banners and posters, we are always delighted to be involved and to get stuck into a creative project, presenting new ideas that represent what our client is trying to achieve.

Sometimes our work takes us outside of our usual “bread-and-butter”. We’ve created marketing materials such as large format wall art or posters to go around a school portraying different messages.

Most recently, Courtwood Primary School in Croydon (part of The Collegiate Trust) approached us with an exciting assignment. They asked us to design a poster to portray, “50 things to do before you leave primary school”. The 50 challenges are to encourage children to get out, enjoy nature and have fun taking part in activities such as:

  • Creating a snow angel
  • Jumping in a pile of leaves
  • Grow some fruit/vegetables
  • Watch an outdoor movie
  • Go on a hike
  • Camp outdoors overnight

A Lovely Way to Celebrate the Last Year of Primary School

We were touched by this gesture by the school to get children enjoying the great outdoors and away from technology. It also creates opportunities to make beautiful memories with friends and family before leaving primary school and embarking on the next stage of the educational journey. For us, it was a pleasure to create something that was different and inspiring.

If you have a similar project in mind or want some help realising your creative visions then the Smarter Reach team would be delighted to help.