Here’s an idea. Why not turn your enrichment programme into a beautifully illustrated poster featuring the trips and adventures your pupils can look forward to in the weeks and months ahead?

This way you can inform and grow their anticipation of these events, each one illustrated by a picture to whet their appetite for what they have in store.

Send us your programme of activities for the term or year ahead and Smarter Reach will do the rest. You can have as many copies as you want in different sizes to suit the applications you have in mind – corridors, classrooms, libraries, break-out areas, notice boards, staff rooms, canteen, planner – the choice is yours. We can even produce them as flyers for pupils to keep or for you to enclose with reports or mailings to parents.

Your school’s enrichment activity is something to be proud of and the “Enrichment Journey Poster” is an imaginative and educational way to celebrate it.

Just register your interest and we will be happy to talk quantities and prices.