“Sunshine Coaches make a huge difference to the lives of our children.  Without them they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the variety of activities the buses take them to” 

As the name suggests, Variety Golf – the Children’s Charity is all about playing golf whilst raising money for disadvantaged kids. So, when the golf courses closed down, the charity found itself with time to think about how to raise money with no events on the horizon.

The result – a brand new website offering a thorough insight into the 50-year-old charity, it’s history, what it does, how it does it and, most importantly, how to make a donation.

We’ve all seen Variety Sunshine Coaches on our roads (not surprising as there are over 6,000 of them!) but few know, for example, that this year’s Captain of Variety Golf is Len Goodman of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fame, or that their President, legendary entertainer Jimmy Tarbuck, has been a member of Variety Golf – with its strong showbusiness connections – since it was founded more than half a century ago.

So, when we started work on the project, we were keen to embrace all these inter-related elements in an entertaining, visually attractive and easy to navigate way. The job involved a great deal of picture research, as well as a lengthy two-way dialogue with the client – and some technical innovation regarding interactivity, multi devices and social media. The brief was fulfilled in a relatively short time with an effective and compelling outcome.

Whilst the lockdown persists, maybe your organisation should be talking to us along similar lines?


“Smarter Reach did a smashing job for us and we are delighted with the result. We have noticed much more interest in Variety Golf since the launch of the new site.”
Jamie Little, Director of Golf, Variety Golf – The Children’s Charity