Thanks to Ofsted regulations, your school website must house all your important information. So, does this mean that a printed prospectus is any less important? Certainly not – in fact, if anything, it means that there is now much more space within your prospectus to include exciting visuals or desirable information to really sell yourself to prospective parents and pupils – keeping all of the boring stuff online!

A well-presented and informative printed, or digital, prospectus offers a really great opportunity to convince prospective parents and pupils to choose your school over your competitors.

If you have been tasked with creating your school prospectus, Smarter Reach can help you on your way to creating a really compelling document that will get you the results you want!

It is a good idea to have your prospectus ready at least 6 weeks before the final dates for applications – so you will need to start your planning well in advance. 

Here are the key points to include:

  • Name and type of school
  • Contact details
  • Statement from the Headteacher
  • Information on term dates and admissions
  • Your school’s values and ethos
  • Supporting quotes from pupils, parents and faculty
  • Curriculum information including teaching methods

It can be tempting to just update your prospectus year-on-year, but times change and it can only take some new competition in the area – or another school’s freshly designed, up-to-the-minute prospectus – to affect your intake of new pupils.

Give us a call and we will be pleased to help you with all of this: structure, copywriting, design, printing – as well as the all-important photography (September is a good time with lots of excited new faces around!)