In a recent study by Web Foundry, a majority of the 1,000 parents surveyed reported that the quality of their school’s website needed improvement. 20% of parents stated that the layout required improvement, while a further 20% reported that the information was out of date.

In total, 93% of those surveyed used their school’s website but only 17% accessed them on a weekly basis.

Schools can find it difficult to strike a balance between having an easy to navigate website and efficiently accommodating the volume of information that needs to be made available.

This is where Smarter Reach’s extensive experience and expertise can help: We understand how a website needs to function for both the school and the parents that use it.

With a team of excellent designers who can ensure your website is intuitive and mobile friendly (as standard), we will build you a website that offers a range of features including categorised news posts, integrated calendars, social media links, password protected areas for governors (or other groups), embedded video capability and much more, as well as ensuring that the website is compliant with DfE requirements.

Please take a look at the websites we have already built for schools, MATs and educational establishments.