It’s the start of a new term and that time of year when your next school open day is high on the agenda. The planning and preparation that goes into the events themselves are no doubt taking up a lot of your time but more than that will be the need to publicise the event. Of course you want as many people as possible to attend. This poses the question of how to reach the relevant audience.

Effective methods of marketing your school open day?

You probably have preferred methods that you have used previously, perhaps that is a newsletter or a billboard outside the school. Perhaps you regularly advertise in the local newspaper, or maybe you are relying solely on the local authority’s prospectus. Either way, might there be more you could do to spread the word?

We do the hard work for you

At Smarter Reach, we work with many schools and can help you with marketing your school open day, ensuring that your campaign reaches the widest possible relevant audience.  We design and produce everything from the ads that you place in the local paper to a professionally branded and scripted presentation ready for the open day itself. In fact here are just some of the things that we can deliver:

Traditional marketing

  • Newspaper advertising
  • Pop up banners
  • Bus advertising
  • Outdoor display advertising
  • Flyers/leaflets

Digital marketing

  • Social Media campaigns
  • Google ads (PPC)
  • Updating your website with event details or a specific landing page
  • Newsletter

Then of course there is the material that you will need for the event itself. This could include your school prospectus and a scripted presentation with professional photography to deliver to prospective parents. Many schools like to have specific pop-ups for the event that they can place strategically around the premises to market the different strengths of the school.

Of course you don’t have time to be considering which of these different marketing elements you should be using which is why we are here to help. To discuss your next school open day simply pop us an email or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.