As part of the project for Croydon Headteachers’ Association, we had to find a simple, but effective way for Croydon schools to share information with us. After exploring a number of options, we designed an online digital form, which was emailed to every maintained school in the Borough for them to complete. This has provided a relatively simple way for us to manage considerable amounts of data without becoming either too overwhelmed or aggravating the old Repetitive Strain Injury!

We also devised a cunning way for schools to share images with us. A hidden page on our website allows schools to simply drag and drop their photos into a Dropbox folder, which they can name at the point of dragging their first photo. Each named folder then appears in our SmarterReach Dropbox, ready to be uploaded to the site.

The Croydon Schools Directory can now be viewed on the CHTA website.