Did you know that St Mary’s Catholic High School is one of the oldest schools in Croydon? We’ve worked with them recently on a number of design projects including a new school prospectus, sets of pull-up banners and even new signs for their posh new toilets (no photos for that one)! But what they really wanted was a new promotional video, plus a suite of short-form videos that they could use to market their school and shout about what makes it so special.

The Smarter Reach team spent three days on site working with the brilliant senior leadership team, getting to know the students, interviewing alumni, staff and parents and generally getting a really good feel for the school. The end result is this five minute video plus a playlist of 21 short videos, each demonstrating a different aspect of the school.

If your school, academy or trust has a video project to discuss, please get in touch. Videos are one of our favourite types of project! They’re hard work but the end results are always extremely rewarding.