Staff and students at The Quest Academy were a pleasure to film over three days of filming in early January.

The Smarter team was invited to obtain footage for a brand new promotional video we’ll be producing for the Academy.

Whilst on site, we filmed students in a large number of settings, in order to show off the school’s fantastic new facilities, such as the drama studio, dance studio, brand new sports centre, music recording kit, fully equipped science labs, fabulous learning resource centre and cutting-edge ICT classrooms, to name but a few!

We also set up and conducted interviews with a number of members of staff, parents (including a prospective parent who just happened to be visiting) and students from the Quest Academy’s Sixth Form, Quest6.

We were particularly impressed with the behaviour of students in the classrooms. There was no doubt that there was very real, engaged learning taking place. And, as we always do, we learnt a thing or two too. Unfortunately, we’ve forgotten it already… well, we did A Level Maths once before. No need for us to retain the exact value of Pi at this stage of our lives!