For parents that have children starting at a new school there is a lot of information to take in. There are often so many letters, leaflets and memos all containing important information which include –

  • Attendance/absence policies and information
  • Uniform requirements
  • Payments systems
  • Lunch
  • Information about the school day

For many parents these bits of paper get added to “the pile” or end up in the recycling bin. It’s only when the information is needed that panic sets in. At this point there is a hurried scramble to find out the information which usually involves bombarding the school office with enquiries.

At Smarter Reach we have been working with schools to provide a parent information booklet which contains all of this information in one easily accessible place. The real beauty of this booklet is that it is available online so can be accessed at any time.

As you can see from the guide we produced for the South Norwood Academy, this booklet brings together all of the important information about the school in one easily accessible place.

This becomes the “go to” guide for parents and answers their many questions saving staff time typing up information and printing off A4 sheets. To find out how we can help you cut down on time and resource by producing a parent information book for your school get in touch.