It is that time of year when attention turns to results. As we welcome the A-level results and await the anticipated GCSE results, it is a time when school performance is very much in the spotlight. As a school, how do you share your results with parents? Where do they go to find out the performance of your school in core subjects like reading, maths and writing? How do they know how you performed in SATs and GCSEs?

Once parents find the information, often it can be in a format that is hard to read and harder for non-educationalists to understand. It is not easy to translate large volumes of data in a way that is comprehensive, digestible and easy for prospective or current parents to form an accurate view of your performance.

Fulfilling the requirements of your school’s statistics

As well as being an important requirement to research a school’s performance, performance data is also required by OFSTED. Legislation states all maintained primary schools must make certain Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 data available for public consumption for example.

Making statistics more comprehensive

We have found a way to make statistics not only interesting but also easily readable. We can display them pride of place on your website to ensure that they are accessible to all. Many of you already have glossy brochures showcasing the grounds, facilities and ethos of your school. Why not offer your school’s performance in a more interesting and attractive format too?

Examples of the work we have produced

We have provided this service to a number of clients including the REAch2 Academy Trust and The Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust. Whilst these are both Multi Academy Trusts, the format is equally application to any primary and secondary school.  As well as being easy to read, these pages are fully responsive so can be read on a mobile device. To make them more appealing, the information can be animated to bring the numbers and charts to life.

To find out more about how we can help you in this area please get in touch.