“A picture speaks a thousand words”

When we say “we have all bases covered” we mean it! Have you ever arranged to have a prospectus or other form of marketing collateral produced only to find that you had to arrange photography yourself? Have you been hit by unbudgeted costs as a result? Have you spent hours digging through old folders to find suitable photos? Not easy to achieve with everything else going on.

We understand the demands on your time and make it our priority to simplify school marketing processes as much as possible. Consequently, we have chosen to offer photography services with all websites, brochures, prospectuses and other marketing materials we produce to showcase your school. Good photos speak volumes about your school, your facilities and the happiness of your students. Our photography services are FREE for website design & build packages and FREE for print packages that include two or more products.

Our photography services are undertaken by professional and experienced photographers who understand the qualities required to present your school in its best light, who are DBS checked and know how to expertly work around you and your pupils during a busy school day, thereby causing minimal disruption.