It’s one thing coping with the start of a pandemic – quite another to think about where your school or business will be when we come out the other side.

Current predictions suggest that things could be getting back to normal around September/October – perhaps even ready for the new school term!  So, why not use the summer months to make sure you have everything in apple pie order?

Schools have been hit particularly hard and regular communications with parents, staff and pupils over the next few months will be more important than ever. Still, with everyone using social media in an effort to stay in touch, you have a real opportunity to get your core messages across through a tactical social media campaign. Smarter Reach can help by identifying what those messages could be and communicating them in an efficient and cost-effective way.

This could also be the ideal time to give your website a ‘spring-clean’ – or even re-design it from scratch. Start by asking yourself (a) if it looks up-to-date (b) if the themes and messages you chose when it was launched still apply and (c) whether it is as interactive as it could be.

Finally, if you are in school, take the opportunity to stroll the corridors and take stock of how they look. Is it time to dispense with some of those old signs and notices and replace them with new, sharper statements and images?

If any of these thoughts strike home, let us know, we are always here to help.

Best wishes and stay safe.